About Our Company

We at TWEX have designed a new revolutionary platform to help companies raise funds while helping investors to earn attractive returns.
We are a group of Finance professionals located the World over who have witnessed first-hand all problems associated with private investments and crypto currencies as well as the problems associated in investing in private companies.

Crypto Currencies : Many people surfed and surged financially on the bonanza that represented Capital RaiseS only to find out for many of them that their investments were essentially worthless! The problem that none of us ever factored in as we are not cynic for the most part, was that we gave money away to people whom we did not know if they even existed and to projects that would use our money to be executed in the near future! The deceitful promoters promised to disrupt the financial World and Industry with a new revolutionary product.

Private Investments: Investors are less and less attracted by private investments.

With Experience We Complete Any Projects

01. YEAR

Some losses – normal it is a startup after all!

02. YEAR

Break even – you start becoming jittery waiting impatiently for year 3 and your payday

03. YEAR

The Company has started to make decent profits! – Finally! You feel vindicated and happy. But, Management refuses to distribute and dividends as they have to reinvest in order to stay ahead of the curb….

04. YEAR

You have become a God fearing person praying every day that the company gets acquired, sold or list on a public exchange – anything just to recoup your money!

Fear not – our Debt Trading Platform with our Valuation Algorithm Tool will enable you to trade any or all of your investments, entirely or partly, at a price and time of your choosing!!!

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