Global Success Roadmap

Signing of contract, uploading of paperwork on sites


Documents creation – White Paper plus Prospectus based on business plan

1 to 2 Weeks

Submission to US SEC

3 to 4 weeks

Assets and Debt Tokenisation

Week 5

After approval by SEC, request for issuance of CUSIP and ISIN

Week 6

Email presentation to our email subscribers

Week 7

Email campaign to our accredited investors

(*Timing subject to CUSIP/ISIN and SEC approvals)


Week 8 *

Call campaign to our accredited investors

Week 9

Potential Funding*

Week 10


Above timetable is based on a best efforts basis whereas we know that we can finalize matters much faster, please be aware that we are nevertheless subject to external factors, parties and events. This timeline and roadmap to success is indicative only!

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