TWEX Team Member’s



    • Director, Chief Executive Officer
    • A creator of businesses with more than 25 years’ experience in banking, finance and corporate fund...  Read More

    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Senior Fin-tech professional with 26 years experience and proven track record of applying appropriat...  Read More
    • Chris Paget

    • UK COO
    • An entrepreneurial business leader with over twenty years experience in senior roles covering variou...  Read More
    • Pierre Boulanger

    • Head of TWEX France
    • 15 years of experience in wealth management. Extensive legal and tax knowledge He has decided to put...  Read More
    • Gerard Van De Par

    • Head of TWEX Holland
    • Gerard van De Par is a seasoned manager and strategy consultant in the financial sector. At the mome...  Read More
    • Mehmet Tanju Dirlik

    • Head of TWEX Turkey
    • Fourty years experienced in international project finance and international trade, documentary credi...  Read More
    • Chris

    • Financing Director
    • Chris co-founded Blockchain Analytica in 2018. He joined Equity Development in 2017 as a senior equi...  Read More
    • Raphael Perez

    • Head of TWEX Israel
    • Raphael is a recognized expert in real estate law and in particular in the following specialties: Ta...  Read More
    • PB Stanton Esq

    • Chief Legal Officer
    • Highly experienced in Securities & Banking law. Former US Marine JAG Officer. Expert in complex lega...  Read More
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